Us Baby Bear Bones – What Starts With a U Ends With An I (EP) (Love Thy Neighbour)


‘What Starts With a U Ends With An I’, the debut EP from Brighton dream-pop trio Us Baby Bear Bones, is a unique and mesmerizing listen.

It’s a hard one to peg down. Their music is a unique brand of “dreamy pop” but not at all in the way that the term “dream pop” is used to describe say, M83. The five tracks that make up the EP are atmospheric and yes, dreamy but its hooks are more closer aligned with pop in the general sense than the “dream pop” genre. At times US Baby Bear Bones shows glimpses of the mysterious and elusive Twigs, echoes of Warpaint, hints of a less-beat driven Grimes or Lykke Li, and a smidge of Florence and The Machine.

Delicately arranged and played, together Puff Gandolfo and Daisy Emily Warne, along with Luke Phillips, have created a gorgeous and often fragile debut.

The vocal rhythm in the verses of opening track, “Mountains” show an urban flavor while musically deep and bassy synth-pads combine with the delicate guitar textures of The xx while the brilliant “Sun” is where the aforementioned Warpaint mention applies.

The Cocteau Twins-esque “Rain” serves to showcase Daisy Emily Warne’s impressive vocal talents and is sure to appeal to fans of the hotly-tipped London Grammar (read our review of their brilliant debut single, “Wasting My Young Years”). Listen out for the intricate melodies threaded throughout the track.

“You” is a peculiar but charming track characterised by its heavy use of percussion and complex arrangement.

Final track and EP highlight, “Swamp”, is a dark and brooding number that boasts a cinematic soundtrack of just vocals and resonating pads for the first couple of minutes. It’s the hookiest and most emotive of the tracks with Daisy Emily Warne’s vocals at their most impassioned.  At 2:35 things takes a turn with the introduction of up-tempo electro beats prompting the listener into an involuntary sway before dropping the tempo back down.

‘What Starts With a U Ends With An I’ is a the perfect start for this exciting new act. Expect massive things.

‘What Starts With a U Ends With An I’ will be released on 10 June through Love Thy Neighbour.

The EP will have a limited run of precisely 216 copies, each with its own unique piece of artwork hand drawn by band member, Puff Gandolfo. Each small fraction of artwork, when combined via digital codes that each holder enters online, forms one large picture which will gradually be revealed as people enter in their CDs code to the UBBB website.

Watch the video for “You” below: