Disclosure – Settle (album) (Island Records / Universal)


Over the past 12 months we’ve watched the profile of this prolific London dance grow to a state of hysteria. Having played festivals all over the word, worked with incredible vocalists including Jessie Ware, and release a handful of irresistible and immediately accessible club smashes, finally Disclosure are about to release their debut album.

‘Settle’ is the perfect pop record. It’s an incredibly warm and smooth record that seamlessly and effortlessly combines an array of club sounds from the past 20 years including UK garage, house, 2step, dubstep, and of course pop. In fact, ‘Settle’ sounds like it could have been released in the early 90’s. In the midst of an “EDM ” (ugh, such a dirty term) saturated dance world, ‘Settle’ sounds and feels fresh and unique.

Each of the 14 songs feature a different pop vocalists including Jessie WareEd Macfarlane, Eliza Doolittle, and Sam Smith to name a few. Each vocalist contributes their own unique soulful style that perfectly compliment Guy and Howard Lawrence’s tracks.

‘Settle’ features all the band’s singles to date; “White Noise” featuring the brilliant AlunaGeorge (read our review), “You & Me” featuring Eliza Doolittle (read our review), and “Latch” featuring the soulful Sam Smith.

Each track is expertly designed to get your body moving and the melodies implanted firmly in your head. Everything is smoothly crafted from the beats, to the bass lines, keys, vocals, and mood – ‘Settle’ in pop in its finest form.

Aside from the aforementioned singles, other highlights include opening track “When a Fire Starts To Burn”, which is a crowd rouser that builds in anticipation, and the 2step beat driven Voices” and “Defeated No More”, which features the vocals of Ed Macfarlane from Friendly Fires who helps make the track a summertime smash, and the brilliant, nostalgia-inducing “Stimulation where BPM’s reach their highest.

‘Settle’ will certainly divide dance listeners and is bound to be picked apart for being “too pop” for some and not “real dubstep” for others. But regardless, ‘Settle’ is a fun pop / house record that should not taken too seriously. Chill out and enjoy.

The perfect soundtrack for summer, after just 3 spins ‘Settle’ is certainly a favourite here at Sound Advice.

‘Settle’ will be released 4 June, 2013.

Watch the brand new video for “When A Fire Starts To Burn” below: