DeLooze – Lost Army (single) (Giant Haystacks/Fierce Panda)


“Lost Army” is the third single from Stacey DeLooze p/k/a DeLooze, which is lifted from the forthcoming debut album ‘Glass Army’ to be released on Fierce Panda imprint, Giant Haystacks next month.

“Lost Army” is an accessible gothic pop/rock number that takes cue from Kate Bush, Bjork (think “Army of Me”), and Siouxsie Sioux. More accurately, if you can imagine a more straight-forward, rock-driven and less electronic version of Zola Jesus, you wouldn’t be far off.

Backed by a steady drum pattern and a simple but solid bass line, “Lost Army” is coloured by metallic-synths while DeLooze’s hook-laden vocals are treated with distortion to give the song extra grit. The addition of horns throughout gives it a unique and imposing quality.

Solidly crafted and executed, the single follows a tried and true pop arrangement as opposed to the more abstract worlds of Kate Bush, Zola Jesus, or Bjork. Brooding verses lead into an emotive, stripped back pre-chorus, which then, despite the song’s overall menacing character, elevates into a pop-driven chorus.

Like their influences, DeLooze have a mantra centered on showcasing much of the arts under one roof (check out the live video for “Lost Army”). Per the press release, “they seek to give their audience an experience that will appeal to all the senses with the element of unpredictability being particularly important”.

Along with an impressive show, everything seems to be falling perfectly into place for DeLooze. The forthcoming album was mixed by Mikko Gordon (currently working on Atoms for Peace) and includes musicians who have featured on Florence and the Machine and Alanis Morissette albums. How this single fits in with the rest of the record will be most interesting.

The album  ‘Glass Army’  will be release on July 1, 2013.

Update June 12, 2103 – the video for “Lost Army” has just been launched. Watch below:

Listen to “Lost Army” below:

Watch the video trailer below: