Daybehavior – For A Thousand Years (single) (self-released)


Daybehavior might just be your “new” favourite synthpop act…”new” being the keyword here. Yes, this Swedish trio might also be the longest running synthpop band you’ve never heard of. However, Daybehavior have been at it since 1993. To date they have 3 albums to their name: their debut, ‘Adored’ ,was released way back in 1996, then a whopping 8 years later their sophomore, ‘Have You Ever Touched A Dream?’, was finally released while most recently their third album, ‘Follow That Car!’ was released last year.

Their latest single “For A Thousand Years” is lifted from the aforementioned album of last year. The song begins as a moody trip-hop influenced number that recalls Portishead during its verses before moving into Depeche Mode territory during the choruses, or perhaps more recently the much talked about, Feathers (read our review of their latest single “Soft”).

Sharing the verses, the gorgeous and sultry vocals of Paulinda are paired with the rich and dramatic vocals of guest vocalist Julian Brandt before the two unite for the song’s chorus. Brandt adds an over-the-top Eurovision-like quality and yet somehow it works giving the song a theatrical side.

“For A Thousand Years” is dark, smooth, and sexy. Its songcraft is ever so finely tuned while its production is elegant complete with trip-hop beats, atmospheric pads, synth strings, and tasty electronic flourishes.

An irresistible old-school synthpop number, “For A Thousand Years” was released as a single on 3 May, 2013 and features non-album b-side “Luci Della Citta”. Purchase the single via iTunes now.

Watch “For A Thousand Years” below: