Life & Limb – Fool’s Nest (single) (Enclaves Music)


Life & Limb is the collaboration between Andrea Mangia of Lecce, Italy and Mike McGuire of New York. In 2006 the two discovered each others’ solo recordings online under the names Populous and Short Stories respectively. Shortly thereafter came their first release, the single “Breathes the Best” was released in 2006, followed by the full-length ‘Drawn In Basic’.

After a sabbatical working on other projects the two came back together in 2011 with new material.  However the pair felt the new recordings were more cohesive and diverged from their past work. Accordingly, a new name seemed necessary and thus Life & Limb was born.

Enclaves released Life & Limb’s self-titled album in November 2012  and now, just six months after the album, the duo are gearing up to release the 5-track ‘Fool’s Nest’ EP.

The track “Fool’s Nest” is dreamy mix of electro-pop featuring shoegaze-y vocals, buzzing synth saws, and electronic drums.  Its styling is not unlike M83 circa ‘Saturdays = Youth‘ but its gorgeous vocal chorus has a synthpop charm to it.

Whether it was an intentional production choice or not, the kick-drum has a strong presence. Its heavy compression jolt the listener into discomfort, juxtaposing the otherwise lush soundscape. The guitar line that appears during the bridge adds another texture and its melody brings a wave of nostalgia.

All in all, a brilliant little slice of dreampop / synthpop.

The ‘Fools’ Nest’ EP is available digitally now through Enclaves Music.

Watch the video for “Fool’s Nest” below: