CTA Loves You – Take It Over (single) (self-released)

CTA Loves You

Following their debut track, “Who Cares” late last year, UK dance music trio CTA Loves You have just released their new single, “Take It Over” – part two in the band’s trilogy of singles.

On “Take It Over”, CTA Loves uniquely combine Pet Shop Boys-style synthpop with a sleek and modernized sound. The melodic synthpop-driven verses quickly build momentum and pace leading to the song’s massive breakbeat chorus.

With an equal emphasis on songwriting and filling up dancefloors, “Take It Over” is not unlike the most recent output from Sub Focus (i.e. “Out The Blue“, “Tidal Wave“, and “Endorphins”).

The production is punchy and sleek, layered with fat, buzzsaw synth-basses and quirky synth whirrs, held together by a rhythmic staccato organ riff, which provides the foundation to the song. Never once do the layers, however, interfere with the song’s brilliant vocal work.

A great little tune that infuses many dance and electronica elements giving synthpop an exciting and fresh, new look.

The single also features six different versions/remixes of the track courtesy of Japanese wunderkid Banvox, Italian outfit Fanny Games, and up & coming Londoners CutWires, amongst others.

“Take It Over” was released 12 May, 2013 and is available via iTunes now.

Watch the video for “Take It Over” below: