Josef Salvat – Hustler (single) (Sticky Lips Music)


One of the most exciting new finds in pop music for 2013 so far is Australian singer and songwriter, Josef Salvat.

Last month we reviewed the Bwana remix of Josef Salvat’s debut single “This Life”, which was released on 23 March. Now with the forthcoming new single, “Hustler”, you get the feeling that global praise and recognition is imminent for this exciting new electro-pop-soul artist.

A bare-bones, vocal and piano intro lead to a powerful and emotional chorus with Salvat’s smooth and heartfelt vocals on full display. The song is elevated by the deep percussive rhythms, which add weight and tension while at the same time creating a groove that is completely danceable.

Riddled with luscious vocal hooks, Josef Salvat clearly has the pop chops to send him to the top of the charts, however there is also substance and an edge to Salvat as evidenced by the words,“you will call me a harlot, you will call me a whore … See I’m a man now, I’m worth so much more. I’ve got the heart of a hustler … the body of a lover with a masochist’s brain”.

Topped off with its stunning production complete with electronic flourishes, “Hustler” might just be one of the best and most sincere pop moments of 2013 so far.

The single “Hustler” will be released on 10 June, 2013.

Update 15 May, 2013: the video for “Hustler” has just been launched. Watch below:

Listen to “Hustler” below:

Update 15 July, 2013:  Sanebeat’s remix of “Hustler” is currently being offered as a free download. Listen below: