Savages – Shut Up (single) (Pop Noire Records / Matador Records)


Ooooh, the anticipation continues to rise. “Shut Up” is the third song to be unveiled from the Savages’ debut album set for release next month (read our review of previous singles “She Will”, “Husbands / Flying To Berlin”, and their “I Am Here” live EP).

The new single is accompanied by a new “short film”, recorded in collaboration with filmmaker Giorgio Testi.

“Shut Up” gives the pop format a great big kick in the ass; furious, raw and energetic, exploratory while at the same time hooky as hell.

Driven by a gritty bass line and up-beat and danceable drum rhythm, the song is then coated with a quintessential post-punk guitar melody.

Unrelenting, “Shut Up” increases in tension as every second passes. Its solid pop sensibilities never weaken the band’s attack and in that regard “Shut Up” might just be the most exhilarating and highest quality post-punk since Editors debut, ‘The Back Room’.

Savages’ debut album, ‘Silence Yourself’, will be released on 6 May, 2013 in the U.K. and 7 May, 2013 in the U.S. Pre-order now.

Watch “Shut Up” below: