Mount Kimbie – Blood and Form (single) (Warp Records)


Like the single “’Made To Stray‘” launched earlier this month (read our review), the second taster from Mount Kimbie’s upcoming sophomore album, ‘Cold Spring Fault Less Youth’ (cover art above), sees the duo expand upon and at times completely expel the template of their post-dubstep debut, ‘Crooks And Lovers’.

“’Blood And Form” has the duo exploring new dynamics, new productions, and new energy. Exhibiting a first-wave post-punk like exploration, a dirty drum snare keeps a steady 4/4 rhythm while keys pound, organs whirr, and synths glisten. Then there’s the obscured vocals adding another layer of peculiarity, meanwhile the electro-gloss from their debut has been replaced with a gritty edginess.

With all that being said, oddly enough “Blood and Form” is actually one of the more hookier numbers from the duo so far and further whets the appetite for the upcoming album.

‘Cold Spring Fault Less Youth’ will be released on 27 May, 2013. Pre-order via iTunes now.

Listen to “Blood and Form” below: