Snapped Ankles – True Ecology (Shit Everywhere) (single) (Ears Have Eyes Recordings)


Last week new London post-punk outfit Snapped Ankles released a video for their debut single “True Ecology (Shit Everywhere)”.

The band throw together a fusion of searing off kilter post-punk – imagine the dance floor rhythms, synth and vocal hooks of Devo, the angular riffing of Gang of Four, with the funk of Talking Heads.

It has been some time that we’ve come across a band that embodies the innovative post-punk spirit of yesteryear but “True Ecology (Shit Everywhere)” certainly honours this.

Their quirky sounds are supported by their equally oddball arrangements ensuring that the music is challenging to the listener and not merely “play once and discard”. Give this one a couple of spins – it’s a thrilling, fun and rewarding listen.

Apparently live the band take their weirdness a step further appearing in weird, shamanistic costumes while creating a collision of art-punk and noise with raw analogue synthesizers and drum machines alongside a standard set up of guitars and drums. If that doesn’t make your curious, nothing will.

A 3-track single of “True Ecology (Shit Everywhere)” was released as limited edition, hand numbered 10″ vinyl release as well as digitally by U.K.  label Ears Have Eyes on 18 December, 2012 and can be purchased via the Ears Have Eyes Recordings Bandcamp.

Watch the video below: