Andrew Wyatt – And Septimus… (single) (Downtown Records)


‘And Septimus…’ is the debut single from Andrew Wyatt, better known as the front man in Swedish indie electro-pop band Miike Snow. The single is the first taste of Wyatt’s debut solo album ‘Descender’, due for release on Downtown Records on 15th April.

On first listen it’s apparent that Wyatt has taken to the psychedelia revival currently sweeping over the world. If you need further proof, take a look at Andrew Wyatt’s Twitter and you’ll see a picture of Wyatt holding up a TOY t-shirt.

Though of course vastly different to TOY and other popular psych-rock revivalists (Tame Impala et al), ‘And Septimus…’ is a quirky pop number that does boast psychedelic tendencies.

Miike Snow fans may be surprised that “And Septimus…” doesn’t contain any of the slick electronic or glossy pop hooks that characterise much of Miike Snowe’s music. Though still hooky as hell (check out the magnificent patchouli scented hook from 1:50 – 2:20), here Wyatt takes cue from The Velvet Underground.

Coupled with a Bee-Gees like falsetto throughout the verses, this is one intriguing track. Written, produced and orchestrated by Wyatt, the album features a 75-piece philharmonic orchestra as well as cameos from Anthony Rossomando of the Libertines, Brad Truax formerly of Interpol and John Herndon of Tortoise.

A most curious and enthralling introduction to Wyatt’s upcoming solo record.

The album ‘Descender’ will be released on 15 April, 2013 through Downtown Records.

Listen to “And Septimus…” below: