Peace – Follow Baby (single) (Columbia Records UK)


Since the release of their debut EP (‘Delicious‘) back in September, Birmingham indie-rock quartet Peace have gone from strength to strength all leading up to the release of the band’s forthcoming debut album next month. While ‘Delicious’ was a decent introduction (including the utterly irresistible “Bloodshake“), it was the sound of a band still finding their feet (read our review).

However, only months after the ‘Delicious’ EP, a brilliant new single entitled “Wraith” surfaced and amazingly the band sounded infinitely more confident and refined with their hooks perfected (read our review of “Wraith”).

Continuing this tradition then, the band’s latest single, which is actually a re-recorded version of their first ever single  released back in April 2012 as a limited edition 7″, sees the band primed for the upcoming record.

On “Follow Baby”, Peace rock-out channeling The Stone Roses, mixed with some EMF, a hint of Kula Shaker at their most rocking (think of the rhythmic guitars of “Hush“) and some Dog Is Dead style indie-rock. Yes, it’s that good.

You’ll need all your might to fight this from taking up home in your brain. An instantly hooky vocal melody sits atop of a bass driven verse leading to a swayed and summer-tinged chorus  complete with gorgeous harmonies and the words “we’re gonna live forever” sounding aloud in true anthemic tradition.

Backed by an energetic, groove-laden baggy-style beat, the guitar work on their new single is particularly brilliant; from one of the coolest main riffs in an eon to the psychedelic swirls and textures,”Follow Baby” has it all.

If the album’s first two singles are any indication, we’re going to go out on a limb by saying we won’t be at all surprised if the band’s debut album is not only of the year’s finest but one of the biggest British rock albums this millennium.

The band’s debut album, ‘In Love’, will be released on 25 March, 2013. The single ‘Follow Baby’ will be released on 17 March, 2013. Pre-Order the Digtal Version and/or the Picture-Disk Vinyl.

Listen to “Follow Baby” below: