Bambi – All Along (single) (self-released)


East London indie-rock quintet Bambi have just shared their debut track (and video), “All Along”, which serves as an introduction to the band. Already receiving early love from the likes of Eddy Temple Morris at XFM and The Libertines drummer Gary Powell, as far as first impressions go, “All Along” makes a darn fine one.

Most comparable to fellow Londoners Zulu Winter in style, mood and production, “All Along” is moody and a slow burner of sorts.

Sleekly recorded and produced, “All Along”, though deliciously smooth and melodic, is both refrained but deceptively catchy, opting not to go straight for the jugular. And that is a huge part of its charm. Its hushed chorus initially feels like a pre-chorus leaving the listener waiting for the “big moment” to arrive. Instead, the song works you in a non-obvious way.

Interwoven with Foals-style guitar noodling and counter-rhythms is a bed of synths that add a sheen as well as layer of atmosphere and warmth (this is where the Zulu Winter comparison is most evident).

A solid introduction to the band, however you get the sense that this is but a glimpse of what the band has in their arsenal. All will be revealed in time.

The band’s debut track “All Along” was released online on 11 February, 2013. At the time of this review the song is currently available as a free download (limited to just 100) via the Bambi Soundcloud and/or below.

Watch the video for “All Along” below:

Update 13 May, 2013: Two remixes of “All Along” have been posted and are available as free downloads via the Bambi Soundcloud. Listen below: