Carnivals – Kindness / Swallow The Sky (single) (self-released)


‘Kindness / Swallow The Sky’ is the new single from Sheffield-based experimental electronica artist Stewart Green who records music under the moniker of Carnivals.

The new single follows the release of 5-song ‘Humility’ EP from August 2012, the ‘Absences / Ino (Parts 1 & 2)’  single from January 2012, and the 4-song debut ‘Mavi Kara’ EP, which dates back to March 2011.

Championed by writers at The Fader and The Guardian (including being named ‘New Band of the Day‘ in July 2012) amongst others, the ‘Humility’ EP drew influence from an array of sounds and influences and incorporated it all into one massive sonic template much vaster than earlier material. The new single continues where ‘Humility’ left off but also shows traces of Four Tet (think “Reversing“) with its  beats and glistening cinematics, and Burial, at a push, in its use of ambience and atmospherics (though certainly less dark).

As much score pieces as they are songs, both “Kindness” and “Swallow The Sky” explore ambience and space in epic proportions. A key feature to these two tracks is the appearance of tinkering piano melodies that glisten like rays of light in an otherwise mysterious and murky landscape.

“Kindness” is a deeply atmospheric number and yet its the song’s heavy shuffling beats that drive it forward and provide the song with its life force. Obscured vocal murmurs add further intrigue acting as another instrument and providing another sonic layer. The song’s final section is gorgeous and almost meditative.

“Swallow The Sky” is equally atmospheric and is without the beats of “Kindness” to propel it forward. As if everything is being played backwards, the listener instead is lured into the beautiful and slightly melancholic soundtrack characterised by heavily reverberated vocals  and rolling piano.

A gorgeous and stunning piece of experimental electronica, ‘Kindness / Swallow The Sky’ was released on 31 January, 2013 and is available to download via Carnivals Bandcamp.

Listen to both “Kindness” and ‘Swallow The Sky”: