Casimir – Balancing Act (single) (Fear of Fiction)


“Balancing Act” is the lead track from the forthcoming debut EP titled ‘Not Mathematics’ by Bristol-based, post-rock four piece, Casimir.

At only 2:13 in duration, it’s an intriguing and peculiar listen, especially in terms of its arrangement.

Beginning with looped ambient guitar swells and textures that recall Explosions In The Sky, a frenzied and driving bass line then emerges around 0:50 followed by crashing drums seconds later. Guitars switch to distortion soon after at the same time that Mark Juggins’ desperate vocals burst through bringing with it an intensity and shifting the song into a post-rock/emo territory.

It’s often the norm for post-rock bands to spend several minutes journeying and building from ambient and melodic to catastrophic heaviness, Casimir however set out to achieve the same but in little over 2 minutes. The elements are there and “Balancing Act” proves to be an interesting and captivating introduction to the Bristol quartet. How this fits in with the rest of the EP will be telling.

The band’s debut EP ”Not Mathematics’ will be released on 4 March, 2013 through Fear of Fiction.

Watch the video for “Balancing Act” below: