Fawn Spots – Watered Down (single) (Burger Records / Bad Paintings)


You might just want to cover your ears  for a moment, things are about to get loud and ugly.

UK noisy “dinge-pop” punk trio Fawn Spots have teamed up with California “weirdo scuzz renegades” Cumstain to release a split LP entitled ‘Wedding Dress’, set for release on 18 February.

The first taste of the record comes via the song “Watered Down” by Fawn Spots and it’s a rather intense introduction. Once you get your head around the chaos however, “Watered Down” is actually catchy as hell and oozes with melody.

It starts off with a muted melodic pop-punk riff before the band enters and grabs hold of the song, accelerating things into break-neck speeds.

The recently expanded York trio trio cites Hüsker Dü as an influence and indeed to a degree you can hear this influence combined with the chaos and energy of their most obvious influence, Rites of Spring. The vocal lines and their delivery exhibit a Fugazi influence and its during the chorus with its call-backs of “watered down!” and combination of hardcore chug-a-chug riffs and floor-tom pounds the song transforms into a punk-rock anthem. You can just see bodies now flailing around in the pit.

The sound is abrasive and the playing, particularly the drums, is messy and sloppy as all hell but this warts-and-all fury is all part of the appeal and gives the song the manic energy it needs.

‘Wedding Dress’, the split album by Fawn Spots and Cum Stain, will be released on 18 February, 2013 and features four songs and six songs respectively. Burger Records will be releasing a cassette version of the album, while Bad Paintings will be releasing it on 12” pink vinyl and as a download. All three formats of the release can be ordered from the Bad Paintings online store and digitally via the Bad Paintings Bandcamp.

Listen to “Watered Down” by Fawn Spots below: