Sauna Youth – False Jesii Pt. II / Oh Joel (single) (Static Shock Records)

sauna youth false jessie pt ii

Following the release of the acclaimed ‘Badlands’ LP back in September, London lo-fi punk-rockers Sauna Youth are preparing to release a brand new single in January.

Containing all the energy and sugary goodness of the aforementioned LP,  “False Jesii Pt. II” and b-side “Oh Joel” are demonstrations of punk-inspired pop perfected.

Both tracks are female fronted with vocals delivered in a cool, nonchalant manner. Along with their sugar-coated melodies, power-chords, and punk-rock speeds, here Sauna Youth sound like The Ramones or more accurately The Fizzbombs.

Clocking in at 2:38 and 2:39 respectively, “False Jesii Pt. II” and “Oh Joel” don’t mess around and follow the tried and true A-B-A-B-C-B pop formula with more hooks, melody, solos, and breaks crammed in than ever thought possible. “Oh Joel” is the faster paced number and it may be possible we won’t hear a more fun or catchy punk number any time soon.

Where the ‘Badlands’ LP was gritty, at times even crudely recorded, the new single is  much more refined and precise while still very much a lo-fi recording. These cleaner recordings only serve to sweeten things up, making the hooks even more contagious, and what “False Jesii Pt. II” and “Oh Joel” lack in originality, they make up for with irresistible melody.

“False Jesii Pt. II / Oh Joel” will be released as a 7″ vinyl single on 21 January, 2013. The 7″ single is limited to just 500 copies and will only be available from the Static Shock Records mailorder or from Sauna Youth themselves. A download code is included.

Listen to “False Jesii Pt. II” below:

Listen to “Oh Joel” below: