Twigs – Twigs (EP) (self-released)


Little is known about UK artist Twigs. In fact at the time of writing, aside from a Tumblr page and the TwigsTV You Tube channel, there is no further information available. One thing is for certain however; her unique brand of atmospheric electro-pop is  as intriguing as her identity.

Most comparable to Lykke Li, Twigs’ debut self-titled white label EP contains four songs. The whispered, almost witchy sounding vocals that characterise opening track “Weak Spot” sit on a bed of Alesis SR-16 beats and atmospheric synths to create a mysterious and immediately engaging first listen. The darkest of the four songs, just wait for 2:43 when Twigs’ voice moves into an ethereal realm.

First single “Ache” is much poppier and direct but still retains the darkness of the opening track. Breathy vocals sound over electronic pulses and deep synth basses while its Aaliyah-like R&B flavoured chorus is to die for.

The gorgeous and playful vocal melody of “Breathe” initially provides the only steady rhythm during which synth stabs, blips and staggered beats pitter-patter keeping the listener on their toes. Pop sensibilities ooze to create, ironically, one of the hookiest moments on the EP.

Closing track “Hide” is deeply atmospheric and less hooky than the previous three tracks. Check out clever reduction in tempo that begins at 2:10 and over the next 30 seconds slows down to a gradual stop.

An entrancing and brilliant 4-song EP and merely a taste of what’s to come for this soon to be star.

The self-titled EP was released on 4 December, 2012 and is available digitally via Twigs Bandcamp. The EP is also available on limited edition 12″ vinyl.

Listen to the entire EP below:

Watch the video for “Ache” below: