Amusement – Mural (single) (self-released)


We’re now in mid-December and yet the quality of music has now tapered off in the slightest; “Mural” by Amusement is certainly proof of that.

If you’re a regular reader, you may have sensed just how keen Sound Advice is about the Croydon quartet. Definitely one of the year’s best finds; in addition to the remixes they’ve done for Stealing Sheep (read review), OutfitTheme Park and Disclosure, Amusement offered their track “King of the World” (read review) as a free download back in October to much acclaim.

“King of the World” was a stunning electronic driven, melancholy-tinged, indie-pop number with a strong 80’s pop aura characterized by warm and atmospheric synths and lay somewhere between Twin Shadow and the more atmospheric material of Foals (think “Spanish Sahara”).

On “Mural” Amusement continue their refusal to be easily categorized; steady drum-machine-like electro beats and deep dark bass lines combine with thick atmospheric synth pads. There are also R&B accents vocally and rhythmically and while musically the melodies are subtle, it’s the layers of vocals that provide the song’s hooks.

Sharing most in common with Liverpool’s OutFit, M83, with again hints of Foals minus the guitars, “Mural” is poppy, clever and peculiar.

Intriguing, compelling and completely more-ish, here’s hoping there is a full length album in the works. In the interim, both “Mural” and the previously launched “King of the World” are both currently being offered as a free download via the Amusement Soundcloud page.

Listen to “Mural” below: