Collider – Borrowed Mistletoe (single) (Tiny Lights Recordings)


Just in time for Christmas is “Borrowed Mistletoe”, a new track from Tye Die Tapes artists Collider lifted from the ‘Silent Night, Tiny Lights’ Christmas compilation by Tiny Lights Recordings. The 19-track compilation album includes a slew of post-punk and punk-rock acts including The Futureheads and many other up and coming indie and punk-rock acts.

“Borrowed Mistletoe” starts out in a punk-rock fury ala fellow Sheffield quartet Arctic Monkeys circa ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’ during its first 30 seconds only to then see the band drop out introducing a gentle and melodic guitar line. Paradoxically over this sweet guitar melody come gang-vocals chanting “if you’re not back by Christmas I’ll cry”, which immediately steer the song into a pub anthem.

The song’s structure is peculiar  – the singalong that occurs in the “verse” also acts as the “chorus” – and without any traditional arrangement “Borrowed Mistletoe” actually sounds like the ending section of an epic garage punk-rock number.

When the drums and distorted guitars re-enter in a half-time sway, “Borrowed Mistletoe” will have you involuntarily throwing your arm around the person next to you, clenching a pint while singing at the top of your lungs.

Anthemic and absolutely raucous,”Borrowed Mistletoe” is the Christmas punk rock singalong you’ve been waiting for.

The ‘Silent Night, Tiny Lights’ Christmas compilation will be released on 7 December, 2012 as a digital download and limited edition CD (100 units only) via the Tiny Lights Bandcamp. Proceeds will benefit the Smile For Life Children’s Charity. What more reason do you need?

Listen to “Borrowed Mistletoe” below: