Wild Combination – Great Expectations (single) (self released)

Great Expectations Cover copy

Wild Combination are a new indie-pop trio from Chelmsford, Essex and “Great Expectations” is the first single lifted from the band’s forthcoming 5-song EP entitled ‘Pulses’.

The first thing you’re going to notice about “Great Expectations” is its unusual production; a unique landscape of melodic indie guitar noodling, lo-fi drums, and effected and doubled lead vocal all wrapped up with a thick layer of warm atmospheric synths pushed high up in the mix.

Production techniques aside, “Great Expectations” is actually a direct and extremely hooky pop song with possibly one of the catchiest choruses you’re likely to hear this year.

Wild Combination combine an array of influences with glimpses of Fun., and Vampire Weekend however more than any anything else, “Great Expectations” calls to mind  Phoenix both musically and vocally. In fact, Wild Combination actually share a lot in common stylistically with the aforementioned act.

Summed up, “Great Expectations” is top shelf indie-pop given a twist via some quirky production choices.

Definitely one to watch out for in 2013, Wild Combination are currently offering a free download of the song via Pledge Music and asking for help to release of the EP. The band will be offering several packages including private shows, and music or production lessons with the band. For more information, check out Pledge Music.

Listen to “Great Expectations” below:

Watch the video below: