Among Brothers – I Am Certain / I Do Not Believe (Too Pure)

‘I Am Certain / I Do Not Believe’ is the new double A-side single from Cardiff-based five-piece, Among Brothers.

On their previous recordings (the single “Keep” released in July 2012, single “Loved” released in September 2011, and a 5-track EP entitled ‘Home’ in January 2011), the band have showcased their skills at creating innovative, interesting and complex indie rock, or more accurately indie-orchestral-pop. Their new single continues this tradition.

“I Am Certain” is a complex number both in terms of instrumentation and arrangement; in fact the song plays out like 3 or 4 songs cut up and made into one. You’re not going to find traditional or simple verse-chorus structures here, no, “I Am Certain” will require multiple spins to absorb. That said, the vocal verses are catchy as are the string arrangements, which provide plenty of melody and hook.

Where some bands use strings to accentuate emotion in key sections of the song, Among Brothers incorporate full orchestral arrangements, even using strings as a equal lead instrument.

The band’s sound is unique and finding definitive comparisons is difficult. Yes, there are the indie-rock elements but at times “I Am Certain” calls to mind the kind of pop created by The Cure circa ‘The Head on The Door‘, infusing an array of instruments and a world of influences. More than anything however, “I Am Certain” demonstrates a similar exploration and approach to songwriting as say, Devotchka, with a healthy dose of Elbow.

Keep an ear out for the end section that occurs from 3:00 until end, which sees Among Brothers move into a gorgeous Elbow meets Sigur Ros territory. Speaking of which, the flip side “I Do Not Believe” recalls Sigur Ros circa ‘Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust’. The catchier of the two tracks but also more melancholic, “I Do Not Believe” is stunning piano-led track with haunting verses and an epic arrangement to boot.

A most rewarding double-A single, “I Am Certain / I Do Not Believe” was released on 19 November and is available digitally via iTunes and as a 7″ vinyl single via Too Pure.

Right now you can stream the entire single via the Among Brothers bandcamp.

Listen to “I Am Certain” below:

Watch the video for “I Am Certain” below: