Jim James – Know Til Now (single) (V2)

‘Regions of Light and Sound of God’ is the first solo album from My Morning Jacket singer, songwriter and guitarist, Jim James scheduled for February 2013 release.

Fifteen years and six studio albums with My Morning Jacket, Jim James has certainly demonstrated his ability as accomplished songwriter with one of the most acclaimed and successful rock and roll bands in the world.

“Know Til Now” is the album’s first single but before pressing play check all your expectations and knowledge of James’ prior work at the door.

Right from the get-go with the choice of vintage instrumentation, production techniques, and James’ vocal style “Know Til Now” emits an old-school R&B vibe.

Together with 70‘s disco, “Know Til Now” fuses funky bass, disco hits, danceable rhythms, quirky brass, soulful and dreamy vocals, and vintage synths. Although later My Morning Jacket has seen the band expand their country and rock roots to incorporate a huge range of styles and influences including 70’s pyschadelia and prog-rock. Who knew Jim James was capable of grooves like these?

The arrangement is a complex one taking the listener on a hypnotic ride during the course of is 6 minutes and 26 seconds; the whole song in fact is a little obscure and avant-garde too, particularly during the song’s quirk final 75 seconds.

Understandably My Morning Jackets fans will be the first to pick up James’ solo album, however this first single has enough individual character to reach a whole new audience, and deservedly so.

Mesmerizing, fascinating, and hypnotic, “Know Til Now” is a brilliant first taste of Jim James’ upcoming record.

The album ‘Regions of Light and Sound of God’ will be released on 5 February, 2013.

Listen to “Know Til Now” below: