MYSTYRYS – Cloud Appreciation / Sea Ice (single) (Psychic Healing Network)

London’s MYSTYRYS have just released their new double A-side single, ‘Cloud Appreciation’ / ‘Sea Ice’, which follows the trio’s debut double A-side single ‘Normals / Shadows‘, released back in September.

The press release that accompanies the single states that the trio bonded by a mutual love of Natural Dreamers, and also makes reference to early Liars and (The) Red Krayola. Those three references are absolutely spot on when attempting to describe the sound and spirit of MYSTYRYS. Maybe throw The Fall in there too.

MYSTYRYS harken back to a time when post punk was challenging, innovative, artsy, at times abrasive and uncomfortable, all the while containing pop sensibilities to tie it all together.

Your first listen to ‘Cloud Appreciation’ / ‘Sea Ice’ is likely to be quite jarring and maybe even be a difficult one. Like their influences’ work, the production value of the recording may also prove initially difficult to listen to, sounding like it was recorded in the band’s bedroom. You may even wonder what on earth it is you just heard but with the whole single clocking in at just 4:01 (yes, sides A & B combined) press play again and cracks will begin to form in these walls of noise revealing melody and arrangement.

“Cloud Appreciation” is made up of fractured and abrasive riffing, disjointed rhythms, and notably creative bass playing and innovative drumming, which lock together to make for an intriguing listen. Amidst this chaos is a simple but catchy vocal rhythm with the same appeal of say, The Cure circa ‘Three Imaginary Boys’.

“Sea Ice” is much grittier and chaotic with both the sound and energy of punk mixed with early D.C. hardcore. However, the melodic section that occurs from 1:05 – 1:20 sees dreamy vocals reminiscent of Brighton’s Cold Pumas enter the fold and break up the noise (read our review of the stunning ‘Persistent Malaise’ album that was released 5 November).

Challenging yet strangely addictive, download the single for free via the MYSTYRYS Soundcloud. You can also pre-order the cassette tape, which will include download codes for additional content such as an alternative mix for “Cloud Appreciation” and other demos.

Listen to the  “Cloud Appreciation” and “Sea Ice” below: