Wave Machines – Ill Fit (single) (Neapolitan)

“Ill Fit” first caught the attention of Sound Advice last week via Huw Stephens program on BBC Radio 1.

Following a slew of singles over the past few years, Liverpool’s Wave Machines will release their sophomore album ‘Pollen’ on 21 January, 2013 – their first full length since their 2009 debut “(‘Wave If You’re Really There’).

With a glitchy art-disco vibe complete with buzzing 80’s synths, “Ill Fit” is infectious on the ears; give it a spin, then another and it’ll never leave your head. Contrasting the song’s “fun” 80’s sounds are lyrics of self-doubt, adding to the mix a sense of irony.

Although perhaps less dynamic, “Ill Fit” reminds me of the equally irresistible Reptar single “Houseboat Babies” released a few months ago (read our review) and like it, there’s only one real comparison that comes to mind and that’s Prince.

“Ill Fit” is a brilliant slice of alt-pop and we eagerly await the forthcoming album.

“Ill Fit” was released 19 October as is available via iTunes. The single will also be released as a limited edition translucent blue vinyl 10″ on 30 November featuring an exclusive track entitled “Easy” and an alternative, extended version of future album track “Sitting In A Chair Blinking”. Pre-order the vinyl edition via Rough Trade.

Watch the video for “Ill Fit” below: