Slowcoaches – Tummy Bug (single) (self-released)

“Tummy Bug” is a new track from Leeds trio Slowcoaches and follows the release of their debut EP ‘We’re So Heavy’, which was released in March through Tye Die Tapes, promptly selling out in a week.

The song was written as the title track for a short film of the same name, set around a boy that gets impregnated by an alien. The short was written, directed and filmed by Nottingham weirdo filmmakers and twins John and Tom Turrell. The film, along with two other songs by Slowcoaches and a graphic novel is to be released next year by Belly Kids.

“Tummy Bug” is a 90’s alt-rock inspired number; think Archers of Loaf circa ‘Icky Mettle’ with hints of Arctic Monkeys (circa ‘Whatever You Say I Am That’s What I am Not’), and maybe at a push fellow newcomers Palma Violets (at least in terms of energy and vibrancy).

Raw and gritty guitars lock in with a tight driving rhythm section –  no sleek Pro-Tools cut n’ paste techniques here – this is the sound of a real band locking horns and creating a racket in the process.

Disjointed but surprisingly catchy and melodic, “Tummy Bug” is short and sweet (3:06 in duration) played with an all essential youthful ruckus energy. Wait for the final 45 seconds or so, which sees the Leeds trio slot into a half-time groove to carry the song out.

“Tummy Bug” is currently available as a free download as part of a digital birthday compilation entitled ‘3’ (cover art above), which has been put together by UK based indie music site ‘One For The People’.

Download the entire compilation via the One For The People website.

Watch the video for “Tummy Bug” below: