Foals – Inhaler (single) (Transgressive Records / Warner Bros.)

Here it is folks, the first taste from the new upcoming Foals album. “Inhaler” is the first single from the band’s third album entitled ‘Holy Fire’ (cover art above) due for release in February 13.

Although the band have only two studio albums (2008’s “Antidotes” and 2010’s “Total Life Forever“) under their belts, we’ve quickly learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to Foals. Yes, “Inhaler” is the next step in Foals evolution.

“Inhaler” is absolutely HUGE – like, Muse huge. While there are still definitely recognizable traits of the Oxford quintet “Inhaler” is not the four-on-the-flo0r, indie-rock Foals we’ve heard before. Less math-y than their previous work too, “Inhaler” is immediately catchy, immense in sound and ready for stadiums.

The pre-chorus has hints of later day Jane’s Addiction while the chorus, which kicks in around 2:00, features a Rage Against The Machine bass-heavy riff  and with all elements combining, Foals sound like Filter (think “Welcome To The Fold”), both vocally and musically.

The guitar work as you might expect is impressive; the band’s early trademark indie guitar noodling can be heard in sections of the song as can the rich sonic tapestries that made up ‘Total Life Forever’.

“Inhaler” is an absolute stonker and a welcome return.

On a side note, only a couple of months ago we saw Bloc Party reemerge with their detuned guitar-heavy album ‘Four‘ and now with the new Foals single could it be we’re heading back to a time where guitars and heavy riffs come to rule the world again?

“Inhaler” was released as a single via iTunes today (5 November, 2012) while the album ‘Holy Fire’ is set for release 11 February, 2013 (12 February, 2013 – US).

Watch the video for “Inhaler” below: