Splashh – Vacation / So Young (single) (Luv Luv Luv Records)

Imagine forming a band then months later releasing one of the most exhilarating indie tracks of the year followed by a slot on the much coveted NME Generation Next tour. Well, London based Splashh have done just that.

Growing up between Australia and the UK, Splashh was formed by Toto Vivian and Sasha Carlson in February 2012. Adding close friends Thomas Beal on bass and Jacob Moore on drums and expanding to a four piece, the band introduced several songs online: “Lemonade“, “Washed Up“, “Feels Like You“, and”All I Wanna Do” throughout March and April, with the latter song becoming the band’s first official single released by Kissability and limited to just 50 cassettes (but also available digitally via iTunes).

In July they released a new single, their first through Luv Luv Luv Records entitled “Need It / Headspins” (read our review); part dream-pop, part shoegaze, and part indie-rock, the single quickly became a 2012 favourite here at Sound Advice.

Without so much as taking a breath, Splashh are now prepping themselves for the release of their second single, ‘Vacation / So Young’.

Following the style of late 80’s / early 90’s American alternative acts such as Sonic Youth, the new single from Splashh is equal parts dreamy and shoegaze-y.

As heard in previous single “Need It” Splashh have a knack for writing catchy vocal verses, every bit as hooky as the chorus itself. With a foot placed firmly on the distortion pedal and a cascade of cymbals a delicious sugary pop chorus with a Liam Gallagher-esque snarl rips through the speakers.

A tripped out bridge complete with B3 organ and groovy bass adds another psychadelic layer; call it shoegaze, call it garage-pop but whatever it is, it’s infectious good fun.

B-side “So Young” retains the high-energy and tempo of the A-side and at only 2:46 in duration it grabs hold immediately and doesn’t let go. Equally as enthralling and poppy, Splashh demonstrate that their B-sides are better than most bands’ A-sides.

Two singles down and Splassh are one of the most exciting new acts to emerge in 2012. Now a full-length album please fellas.

The single “Vacation / So Young” will be released on 5 November and available digitally as well as as 7″ single. Pre-order now.

Watch the video for “Vacation” below:

Listen to the b-side “So Young”  below: