Severin – Ways To Distract (single) (Tip Top Recordings)

It’s probably a safe bet to assume that London electronic duo Severin chose their name in honour of the Sioxuise and The Banshees co-founder Steven Severin. As one might expect the music of Severin is suitably dark with gothic traits. However, that’s really the only thing they have in common with Siouxsie and co.

“Ways To Distract” follows the release of the duo’s ‘Everything Breaks’ EP earlier this year and is the first single to be taken from their debut album due for release early 2013.

Best described as electronic noise-pop, Severin’s biggest influence and most obvious comparison would be fellow noise-pop male/female duo, Crystal Castles. With its big beats, furious kick drum stabs and distorted digitized blips “Ways To Distract” has an abrasive, industrial edge but danceable at the same time.

The production and choice of sounds is quite minimalist with very few layers and textures. The vocals are detached and doused in reverb and while the melody is simple and catchy enough the chorus lacks that punch or dynamic to elevate the song and instead there’s little difference from the verses, musically and vocally.

It may seem unfair to compare Severin and Crystal Castles side by side but since Severin’s sound is based on a similar template set by Crystal Castles it seems not only inevitable but unavoidable. There is promise but ultimately “Ways To Distract” is missing the elements that make Crystal Castles’ music so compelling, falling short of truly punishing noises, infectious pop melodies, or effective song smarts.

The single “Ways To Distract” was released on 22 October, 2012.

Watch the video below: