Torches – Someone Needs A Ritual / Wolves (single) (Heart Throb Records)

“Someone Needs A Ritual” is the second single from London five piece Torches, which follows the success of their debut single “Sky Blue & Ivory”, which was released back in July.

More immediate, poppy and upbeat than their first single, “Someone Needs A Ritual” is a New Romantic track that boasts strong pop sensibilities with atmospheric, almost gothic inflections, calling to mind early Spandau Ballet and Tears For Fears.

Driven by a simple bass line coated with shimmering goth-like guitars throughout its verses, “Someone Needs A Ritual” will have you up a dancing like it’s 1983. Guitars up their presence during the chorus with a simple and melodic riff but “Someone Needs A Ritual” is all about the ridiculously catchy and slightly campy vocal chorus.

Torches’ strongest and most distinctive attribute is the vocals of Charlie Drinkwater whose voice is heavily stylized like a cross between the late Lux Interior of The Cramps and Tom Hadley of Spandau Ballet.

An impassioned bridge gives the song a sense of urgency and tension before the band launch into the chorus one last time. Highly contagious, “Someone Needs A Ritual” is a firm slice of new-wave pop nostalgia and the sound of great things to come.

The b-side “Wolves” is a vocal led number that begins with a dark and menacing synth pulse, which is moments later replicated by deep piano strikes backed by a steady beat. The vocal verses are dark, rich and hooky with an atmospheric reverb tailing off the final word of each line.

It’s rare that the B-side is equally as strong as the A-side and while not as pop or immediate as the A-side, “Wolves” is most certainly just as rewarding. It’s a much darker song with a complex and well crafted arrangement whereby what appears to be the bridge at 3:00 acts as the song’s chorus delivering the hook “she was dancing with the wolves” before the song moves into another hooky section before ending.

On this single, Torches clearly demonstrate that they have both the abilities to write incredible hooks and great pop songs, as well as more complex “album tracks” proving that they have substance and style.

The single ‘Someone Needs A Ritual / Wolves’ will be released on 7″ vinyl and digitally on 5 November, 2012. Pre-order the 7” via the Torches Bandcamp.

Listen to “Someone Needs A Ritual” below:

Update November 22, 2012: Torches recently released the video for “Someone Needs A Ritual” – watch below:

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