Pixels – Dust (single) (self-released)

“Dust” is the debut single by new Liverpool electro-pop five-piece, Pixels.

During the song’s opening moments funk-inspired guitar chords ring out and combine with a buzzing synth bass, up-tempo drum beat and vocal “ahhh’s” before settling into its vocal verse. As soon as the lead vocal arrives you’d be forgiven if you thought you were listening to Hard-Fi –  just check out the line “my friends all change” at 0:35. Musically, vocally, and production-wise Pixels do share a lot in common with Hard-Fi.

An interesting choice of chords and chord progression in the verses leads to a full blown pop chorus, sugarcoated and complete with disco beats. Blending Friendly Fires style indie-disco with Maroon 5 sounding funk-pop, if the chorus of “Dust” doesn’t have you moving you probably don’t have a pulse.

B-side “Brother and I” lacks the charm of “Dust”. The Hard-Fi comparison is still in tact but the song itself is feels directionless and overall unremarkable in comparison.

“Dust” is a warm welcome to Pixels blending indie/electro-pop with out-and-out pop and a pristine production to boot. The guys have the pop song smarts and how they harness these urges in the future will be most telling.

“Dust” will be available as a free download on 1 December, 2012 from the Pixels website. The single will be released as a 3-track single along with “Brother and I” and “Dust (Restoration Remix)”.

The band will also be releasing a limited run of CDs by request only. Visit Pixels website or Pixels Facebook page for more information.

Listen to “Dust”  below: