Hatcham Social – All Summer Long (single) (Fierce Panda)

Having released a handful of of 7” singles, cassettes and CD/EP’s over the years, London indie-pop quartet Hatcham Social released their brilliant sophomore album ‘About Girls’ in April this year. The band are now gearing up to release a remix album entitled ‘Dreaming Of Electric Girls’.

The forthcoming remix album was produced by Harry Love who has worked on countless white-label breakbeat and house records in the late ‘90s as well as remixes for artists such as David Bowie, Sophie Ellis Baxter, and Nirvana.

The first single to get the remix treatment is “All Summer Long”, a song which was featured on the the band’s ‘About Girls’ record. From the open seconds of “All Summer Long (Harry Love Remix)”, you might think you’re listening to a track from the most recent Cold Cave album (2011’s ‘Cherish The Light Years’). A big stomping beat is accompanied by dark tubular synths before a pulsating bass line kicks in, takes over and drives the song forward. The first of many hooks comes in the form of a brilliant vintage New Order sounding synth melody that occurs around 0:30.

The darkness that threatened earlier quickly subsides when the vocals of Tobias Josef Kidd enter and when combined with the song’s synth-pop template suddenly Hatcham Social sound like Erasure.

Rhythmic indie guitars make an appearance during the chorus (listen at 1:45) providing the first glimpse of the band who former Creation Records boss Alan McGee dubbed as “Orange Juice for the noughties” (see The Guardian article ‘McGee on music: My tips for 2009’). The entire sound, production and vocal are all suitably 80‘s and it’s a testament to both the production work of Harry Love and the songwriting of Hatcham Social that the song can be both a synth-pop track or an indie-guitar-pop track.

Th final 80 seconds or so (the song clocks in at 7:02) sees the brilliant New Order style melody heard in the opening 30 seconds repeated until fade for maximum effect.

“All Summer Long (Harry Love Remix)” is a brilliant, hook-filled synth-pop number bound to have you up and shaking your ass like it’s 1984.

“All Summer Long (Harry Love Remix)” was released as digitally as a single on 22 October and includes a B-side of the Nancy Sinatra classic, “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)”.

Watch the video for “All Summer Long” below: