Mazes – Bodies (single) (Fat Cat Records)

Indie act Mazes are currently touring the U.K. with The Cribs and to celebrate they have released a cassette single. The A-Side of the cassette is “Bodies”, taken from their forthcoming record and the B-Side is a remix by Leeds’ Hookworms.

No intro, no opening riff; the song’s vocal hook is introduced from the get-go. “Bodies” literally does not contain any shifts in key or pace, nor are there any leaps in dynamic; instead the song is based on repetition where melodic guitar lines intertwine and 70’s style organs dance together with funky bass lines creating a psychadelic vibe.

The vocal melody combined with the song’s indie guitar stylings and lo-fi production initially recall Vampire Weekend, however as the song develops this comparison becomes irrelevant.

From 2:10 onwards, the vocals disappear and from the next four and half minutes “Bodies” moves into Krautrock-like territory ala Neu! The final 60 seconds see things build to a peak before gently easing off.

A fun, upbeat and quirky psychadelic influenced indie track, “Bodies” is currently being offered as free download via Fat Cat Records Soundcloud.

Update 5 November, 2012:  MAZES will release their ambitious new album ‘Ores & Minerals’ on February 18th, 2013. Like’ the MAZES Facebook page to download the track “Bodies” remixed by Hookworms.

Listen to “Bodies” below: