Between You And Me – Crystal Aquarium (EP) (self-released)

What’s in a name? A lot when you listen to ‘Crystal Aquarium’ –  a new four song EP from Miami producer Jonathan Abramson who records and releases music under the name Between You And Me.

Like the EP title itself, each of the songs featured on ‘Crystal Aquarium’ conjure up images of aquatic tranquility and glistening clear waters while set to chilled-out modern electronic/dance sounds.

Opening track “Feast” is the most danceable of the four tracks and is made up of deep submerged basses, sea-spray like synth sweeps, while backed by big beats with glacier-sharp drum sounds. “Feast” is also the catchiest of the four tracks and as with the other tracks on the EP truly memorable melodies are minimal and instead the songs work via repetition. Listen out for the “splashes” that occur throughout and sparkle like the effervescence in your spritzer.

The second track “Lizzarddyy” is more chilled and gives the sensation of being inside a cave on some tropical oasis listening to the water drip, drip, dripping down. The beats are flittering and perfectly compliment the song’s pristine electronics including the ascending crystalline synth melody that appears and repeats towards the end of the track.

“Atlantis” is characterized with its new-age ambient sounds. After the first two minutes however 80’s sounding kick-drum thuds and electronic snares enter and deliver a steady beat transforming the song into the most beat-heavy track on the EP.

Similarly the final track “Jellies” is also beat-heavy and is also the busiest of the tracks where modern synths combine with vintage synths and glistening keys combat against sci-fi laser blasts.

Enjoyable and satisfying to listen to as a body of work, ‘Crystal Aquarium’ is made up of textural pieces more so than it is compositions with any long lasting memorable melodies. ‘Crystal Aquarium’ isn’t so much music for a dance club as it is the soundtrack for your recovery while sitting poolside in Vegas.

‘Crystal Aquarium’ will be released on 22 October. Stream the EP in its entirety below: