Novella – Mary’s Gun (single) (Italian Beach Babes)

Having only just released their debut self-titled EP in May this year (following an earlier 7” and split 12” release), the London based psychedelic-rock/pop quartet of Hollie Warren (guitars/vocals), Sophy Hollington (guitar), Suki Sou (Bass) and Iain Laws (drums) return with a brand new single, “Mary’s Gun”.

The band holed themselves away during the summer and remerged with a new set of songs, which the band say are a truer reflection of their combined influences – Stereolab, Velvet Underground, and My Bloody Valentine.

Indeed the Stereolab and My Bloody Valentine influences are evident and are perfectly fused together with hints of Cocteau Twins circa ‘Heaven or Las Vegas’. As you might expect, “Mary’s Gun” therefore has very much an early 90’s sound and feel about it.

Though psychedelic and dreamy, at only 3:06 in duration, “Mary’s Gun” has no time for meandering and is likely one of the most direct and immediately appealing songs you’ll hear this year. With a chorus to die for (certainly one of our 2012 favourites), which most certainly calls to mind Stereolab, “Mary’s Gun” is ever catchy and effortlessly cool.

The track was recorded by Jerome Watson (The History of Apple Pie) and Joshua Third (The Horrors) in The Horrors’ studio. But that’s not the only reference to The Horrors; “Mary’s Gun” also incorporates similar psychedelic guitar textures that permeated throughout The Horrors’ album, ‘Primary Colours’.

Turn it up and revel in this delightful noise.

“Mary’s Gun” will be released as a 7” single on November 26, 2012.

Listen to “Mary’s Gun” below:

Update – November 15: Watch the teaser video for “Mary’s Gun” below:

Update November 25: The video for “Mary’s Gun” has just been launched! Watch below: