Sun Industries – Shiver (single) (Ignition 45s)

Be intrigued. Be very intrigued. The press release that accompanies Sun Industries’ debut single says “Sun Industries was founded in the early 21st Century by a secretive alliance of individuals with an interest in deep space exploration and the research into the possibilities of interdimensional and intertemporal travel. Due to its protection by privacy laws owing to its offshore registration, little is known about its board of directors but it is presumed to be made up of mainly American, Japanese, French and British businessmen”.

Intrigued yet? The press release then goes on to say that Sun Industries is “funded entirely by unnamed private investors, their motives and future revenue streams are shrouded in mystery” and that the band’s manifesto is a) “To spread positivity and enlightenment through electronic noise” b) “To create democracy and harmony through newly-discovered sonic tapestries” c) “To break down barriers, physical and metaphysical, via rhythmic and kinetic means.”

Could this be the resurrection of The KLF?

Casting the identity mystery aside, what’s it all sound like then?

“Shiver” is an up-beat electro-pop heavily influenced by 80’s pop . Driven by buzzing and pulsating synth-basses and vocal hooks aplenty, “Shiver” is capped off by one hell of a catchy chorus. Imagine the most direct pop moments of LCD Soundsystem, mixed with Divine Fits (read our review of their album released a few month ago) and perhaps a less cutting-edge version of Cut Copy and this is where “Shiver” sits.  Its most distinctive elements however is the vocals, which melodically and tonally calls to mind Peter Gabriel circa ‘So’.

It’s peculiar, it’s fun, it’s more than a tad cheesy, and it’s a definite guilty pleasure. What follows is anybody’s guess…

“Shiver” will be released on November 12. In the interim, listen to the track below via the Sun Industries Soundcloud:

Update November 20, 2012: Sun Industries have just released the video to “Shiver” – watch below: