Torches – Someone Needs A Ritual / Wolves (single) (Heart Throb Records)

“Someone Needs A Ritual” is the second single from London five piece Torches, which follows the success of their debut single “Sky Blue & Ivory”, which was released in July.

More immediate, poppy and upbeat than their first single, “Someone Needs A Ritual” is  a new romantic track that boasts strong pop sensibilities with atmospheric, almost gothic inflections, calling to mind early Spandau Ballet and Tears For Fears.

Driven by a simple bass line coated with shimmering goth-like guitars throughout its verses, “Someone Needs A Ritual” will have you up a dancing like it’s 1983. Guitars up their presence during the chorus with a simple and melodic riff but “Someone Needs A Ritual” is all about the ridiculously catchy and slightly campy vocal chorus.  Torches’ strongest and most distinctive attribute is the vocals of Charlie Drinkwater whose voice is heavily stylized like a cross between the late Lux Interior of The Cramps and Tom Hadley of Spandau Ballet.

An impassioned bridge gives the song a sense of urgency and tension before the band launch into the chorus one last time.

Highly contagious, “Someone Needs A Ritual” is a firm slice of new-wave pop nostalgia and the sound of great things to come.

‘Someone Needs A Ritual / Wolves’ will be released on 7″ vinyl and digitally on 5 November, 2012. You can pre-order the 7” now via the Torches Bandcamp.

Listen to “Some Needs A Ritual” below: