The Death Rays of Ardilla – Diamonds / Daggers (single) (self-released)

Whatever is in Sheffield’s water, I want some.  Joining the ranks of other great Sheffield acts such as Cabaret Voltaire, Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, and Artery is The Death Rays of Ardilla, a psychedelic garage-rock duo made up of siblings, Thom Tietzsch-Tyler and Nick Tietzsch-Tyler.

‘Diamonds is the band’s debut single and begins with a tasty drum rhythm accompanied by a distorted, reverb saturated, blues-infused riff that’s doused in 70’s psychedelia, with a hint of Hendrix.

It’s groovy, sleazy, garage-y, and a tad creepy; The Death Rays of Ardilla are like a cross between The Cramps and The Birthday Party. In fact vocally they sound a lot like Nick Cave (circa The Birthday Party).

Catchy as hell and yet without a chorus, ‘Diamonds’ instead operates with three vocal verses each containing the same hook.

B-sides ‘Daggers’ has all the stylistic trademarks and garage-y delights of ‘Diamonds’  but is noisier and more chaotic yet with its chorus somehow seems more straight forward. Check out the end section, which features the most frenzied southern-fried riffing you’ve heard this side of The White Stripes.

‘Diamonds / Daggers’ would be the perfect soundtrack to Tarantino’s ‘From Dusk Til Dawn’ or ‘Death Proof’, if they didn’t already exist. Effortlessly cool, the debut single from The Death Rays of Ardilla is brilliant, noisy fun.

‘Diamonds / Daggers’ was released 1 October as a limited edition (500 copies) 10” vinyl release and is available for purchase via Rough Trade now.

Watch the video for ‘Diamonds’ below:

Update November 28, 2012: The band have just released a video for the b-side “Daggers” – watch below: