Stealing Sheep – ‘Genevieve (Amusement remix)’ (single) (Heavenly Recordings)

“Genevieve” is the second single from the Liverpool, alt-pop female trio Stealing Sheep and is lifted off their debut album ‘Into The Diamond Sun’, which was released last month.

OK, first listen to the Stealing Sheep album version of “Genevive” and then listen to the remix below by new London indie-electro-pop quartet, Amusement.

This is what remixes are all about. Amusement grabs hold of the vocal and mere basics from the original and totally make it their own with an ingenious interpretation.

Gone are the fiddly guitar lines, delicacies, and the subtle 60’s hints and in its place is a mish-mash of cutting edge electronics, sweeps, enormous synth basses, and electro beats. The vocals are also given a proper run through with generous amounts of reverb giving the song a new dreamy quality.

Amusement have done an incredible job here turning “Genevieve” into a potential club smash.

“Genevieve (Amusement remix)” is available only as a bonus track on the iTunes version of Stealing Sheep’s debut album, ‘Into The Diamond Sun’.

Listen to the remix below: