Fixers – We’ll Be The Moon (album) (Dolphin Love)

‘We’ll Be The Moon’ is the debut album from the Oxford quintet Fixers.

Featuring eleven tracks of fun-filled, sunny, indie-pop, it’s immediately apparent that ‘We’ll Be The Moon’ is heavily influenced by The Beach Boys. With an “of the moment” sound made of shiny synth sounds, three-part vocal harmonies, indie guitars, sleek electronics, and an array of rhythmic percussion, Fixers draw comparison to Animal Collective, Metronomy, Foster The People, and Fun.

During the first 60 seconds of opening track “Majesties Ranch” you may mistakenly think you’re listening to The Vaccines with its indie guitars and shared love of The Beach Boys inspired melodies and chord progressions. However, when the rapturous and hugely danceable beat kicks in during the chorus, the feeling of elation takes over and you might be hard pressed to find a more joyous song this year.

Continuing with a one, two, bang, the equally impressive “Floating Up” follows next. Coupled with a stunning M83 style production and dreaminess, “Floating Up” is indie-pop songwriting at its finest.

‘We’ll Be The Moon’ is high octane stuff and many of the songs are just begging to be remixed (in fact, check out the band’s Soundcloud page and you can see just that). ‘Pink Light’ however is almost there with its dance-heavy beats and energy charged grooves.

The influence of The Beach Boys cannot be understated with each song oozing with their familiar harmonies. On ‘Dais Flowers’ however, Fixers push the influence to its limit.

“Alexandra” changes things up and is characterized by its 80’s synth sounds worthy of inclusion in a John Hughes movie. One of the hookiest songs on the album, “Alexandra” also has traits of One Republic.

“Amsterdam” is an odd but interesting number swimming in thick reverb with an almost Cocteau Twins style sound (think ‘Pepper-Tree’) consisting of gated 80’s electro-drums and dreamy synthesizers.

The energy of the album tapers off slightly towards the end perhaps in preparation for the final track, “Good Night”. Consisting of just a ukulele and a three-part vocal harmony complete with “doooo”, “dahhhh”, “dummm”, “Good Night” has enough summery goodness to trick you into thinking you’re in Hawaii.

Fixers have all the ingredients to be huge and ‘We’ll Be The Moon’ certainly has the ability to aid them on the quest.

‘We’ll Be The Moon’ was released on May 14, 2012 and is available digitally, CD and also limited edition vinyl via Rough Trade.

Listen to the first track “Majesties Ranch” below: