PEACE – California Daze (single) (Columbia Records / SONY Music UK)

There’s little known about the indie-rock band PEACE except that the quartet hail from Birmingham UK and they recently signed a deal with Columbia Records UK.

Their first track ‘Bblood’ surfaced in April 2011 and had the indie rock  stylings of Foals meets The Maccabees mixed with the funk of The Red Hot Chili Peppers. A brilliant and catchy second single ‘Follow Baby’ was released on the Deadly People label in April 2012 (buy the 7” single here), first drawing to mind Cage The Elephant with hints of Oasis, and The Stones Roses.

The band’s latest track ‘California Daze’ surfaced 12 days ago and is taken from their debut EP ‘Delicious’ due out September 9th. To be honest, it feels a little wobbly at first but after a few spins it hits the mark.

Based around its Jeff Buckley sounding, soul-inspired guitar chords, ‘California Daze’ is a heartfelt indie number that actually exhibits similar qualities to Chili Peppers‘ ‘Under The Bridge’.

The arrangement is an interesting one where emotion and dynamic builds over time. Drums don’t actually enter the song the 1:40 mark and when they do the song adopts on a strong 60’s flavour. There are some really interesting influences and sounds going on including hints of Oasis.

Vocally, Harrison Koisser recalls Luke Pritchard of The Kooks, with hints of Cage The Elephant offset by Beatles-esque harmonies, which add a psychadelic edge. Complete with the hook “forget and forgive, there’s a place you can live”, ‘California Daze’ is a gorgeous number from a band who seem destined for big things.

Listen to California Daze below and download the track for free from the band’s website.