Mothlite – Seeing The Dark (Alexander Tucker Entity Reunion Mix) (single) (KScope)

Mothlite is the brainchild of British multi-instrumentalist Daniel O’Sullivan who is involved in various bands and projects including Ulver, Æthenor, Miracle, and Grumbling Fur. Mothlite is another one of O’Sullivan’s projects. Mothlite’s most recent album ‘Dark Age’ was released in May 2012, which followed the 2008 debut ‘The Flax Of Reverie’.

‘Seeing In The Dark’ is the second single from ‘Dark Age’. With its smooth and warm production, ‘Seeing In The Dark’ combines industrial-rock with hints of electronica similar in mood, aesthetic, arrangement as well as sonically to Depeche Mode circa ‘Sounds of The Universe’ and ‘Exciter’, as well as hints of UK duo Hurts, particularly vocal wise.

The song also shares a dark sensuality that so often permeates throughout Depeche Mode’s music while a Krautrock influence is also evident via O’Sullivan’s choice of keyboard sounds, pulsing bass tones and drum production.

British avant pop artist Alexander Tucker has remixed the single (not currently available for purchase). The production of the ‘Entity Reunion Mix’ has been saturated in reverb so much so that if you’re listening to it on headphones you’ll be convinced that the sounds are morphing and lurking behind you rather than in your ears.

The once bright drum sounds have been all but distorted resulting in a plodding like effect. Tucker’s arpgeggio blips, sci-fi sweeping and warping noises (check out 2:20 until fade) sound as if ‘Seeing In The Dark’ has been caught in a tractor beam and being dragged out into space, unfortunately completely obscuring all the elements and beauty featured in the Mothlite original.

Listen to the Alexander Tucker’s Entity Reunion Mix’ of ‘Seeing In The Dark’ below:

Watch the video for ‘Seeing In The Dark’ by Mothlike version below:

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