Crocodiles – Endless Flowers (album) (Frenchkiss Records)

‘Endless Flowers’ is the third album from the San Diego noise/indie pop duo, Crocodiles. Upon first listen comparisons can be quickly made to Glasvegas’ self-titled debut album, ‘Psychocandy’ by The Jesus and Mary Chain along with a big healthy dose of The Ramones, The Beach Boys, and Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.

‘Endless Flowers’ is a brilliant and catchy opening track introducing us to the album’s gritty production full with noisy guitars, buzzing basses, swirling feedback, and distorted vocals. All noise aside, the title track along with the other 10 tracks that make up the album, are sugary pop songs.

While there were hints on 2010’s ‘Sleep Forever’, on their latest record Crocodiles have gone all out to create a 50’s inspired rock n’ roll album complete with surfer vibes and doo-wop melodies  but with the noise of today (or rather the 90’s).

Track #2 ‘Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)’ has Ramones-like qualities particularly throughout the verses, ‘No Black Clouds For Dee Dee’ has a dreamy, 50’s “prom-dance” feel, while ‘Electric Death Song’ and ‘Dark Alleys’ have subtleties recalling The Killers ‘Hot Fuss’ album. Track #6 ‘My Surfing Lucifer’ is a must-hear with its gospel-ish female vocal harmonies in the choruses and you’ll be hard pressed to find a catchier song this year than ‘Bubblegum Trash’ complete with wah, wah, wah’s.

There’s not much wrong with this one; ‘Endless Flowers’ is a brilliant, fun and noisy record choc-full of feel-good vibes and top-class songwriting.

‘Endless Flowers’ was released on 4 June, 2012 and available now.

Watch the video for the track ‘Endless Flowers’ below: