Mock & Toof – My Head (single) (Tiny Sticks/M&T Inc)

Following the release of their debut album ‘Tuning Echoes’ in 2010, ‘My Head’ is the first taster from Mock & Toof’s forthcoming album, ‘Temporary Happiness’ (due in October).

Having remixed material for acts including Hot Chip, The Scissor Sisters, and Maps, London based producers, Duncan Stump (Mock) and Nick Woolfson (Toof), are no strangers to creating interesting dance tracks.

Characterized by purely analog sounds, ‘My Head’ is on one hand vintage and on the other hand fresh and progressive. Beginning with a minimalist but intensely funky backdrop, which is driven by simple, old-school Dr. Rhythm drum beats, a collage of rhythms, plinky-plonky clavs and old-school analog synthesizers are introduced resulting into an ever-so-cool sounding electro-dub.

Before too long vocals from young Swiss artist Ghostape emerge, the line “in my head” is repeated and cool summery vibes emanate all round. When the vocal melody changes slightly around the 2:00 mark, ‘My Head’ takes on a Massive Attack-like quality.

Extremely rhythmic, ‘My Head’ is the perfect soundtrack to a chill-out Sunday Session in a makeshift London beach complete with a bucket of Red Stripe.

The final 40 seconds sees a new layer and texture added via a sweeping, 80’s-sounding synthesizer creating a somewhat peculiar and eerie tone, changing the mood slightly during the song’s final moments.

A word of warning; one listen and this little track will be stuck in your head the rest of the day.

‘My Head’ is released on17th September and available digitally and 12” vinyl.

Listen to the track below:

Update September 4, 2012 – watch the video for ‘My Head’ below: