TOY – Lose My Way (single) (Heavenly Recordings)

Gearing up for the release of their debut album next month, TOY’s third single ‘Lose My Way’ is another sublime cut of 90’s inspired, lo-fi indie/shoegaze.

Hot off the heels of the recently released ‘Motoring’ single, ‘Lose My Way’ is more cohesive in its structure and more subdued than the aforementioned; effortlessly cruising along, leaving behind a trail of psychedelic haze in its wake.

A dreamy mid-tempo verse guides us into an irresistible chorus where vocalist/guitarist Tom Dougall sings “I never thought I’d lose my way over you – what did I do? You never felt the kind of pain that I went through and now it’s coming for you – what will you do?”.

All fuzzed out, ‘Lose My Way’ is reminiscent of Sonic Youth (think ‘Teenage Riot’) right down to its 90’s sounding production; awash with noisy and jangly guitars, “in the pocket” lo-fi drums and dreamy vocals.

Counting down to what is surely going to be one of the year’s finest albums, ‘Lose My Way’ is available as a single digitally or as a 7” on September 3 with the self-titled album following on September 10.

Listen to ‘Lose My Way’ below: