Bloc Party – Day Four (single) (Frenchkiss Records)

Whether it’s an official single or whether the band are simply whetting our appetite with another new track from their upcoming album ‘Four’ (set for release on August 20), ‘Day Four’ surfaced online a couple of days ago and what an absolutely gorgeous and majestic track it is.

Our first taste of new material from Bloc Party, the first in four years, was via first single, ‘Octopus’ (click to read review), launched earlier this month. Where ‘Octopus’ reintroduced us to the guitar-driven, indie-rock side of Bloc Party, ‘Day Four’ reintroduces us to the sheer beauty and the weight of emotion contained in their music (think ‘Signs’ from 2008’s ‘Intimacy’).

Opening with a hushed vocal, mid-tempo beat and a muted-guitar riff reminiscent of ‘The Police’, ‘Day Four’ moves steadily into a goose-bump inducing chorus made up of lush, layered glissando-like guitars and Kele’s gorgeous falsetto.

The song’s structure is a simple verse-chorus-verse-chorus set up until the 2:20 mark where a riff-driven bridge leads into a wonderfully textured, nostalgic and largely instrumental section, until fade.

There’s no other indie band that springs to mind whose music is as moving and emotionally revealing as that of Bloc Party and here on ‘Day Four’, like many times before, Bloc Party pull on the listener’s heart strings effortlessly.

Listen to ‘Day Four’ below: