Bat For Lashes – Laura (single) (Parlophone / EMI)

A quick word of warning for the first single lifted from the upcoming third album  ‘The Haunted Man’ by Bat For Lashes; ‘Laura’ will make your heart ache.

Following 2009’s brilliant ‘Two Suns’ album, which was a fantasy-filled landscape with an exploration similar to that of only Kate Bush, while still gorgeous, ‘Laura’ in contrast is simply melancholic, moving and emotionally heavy but never self-indulgent or gratuitous.

Like ‘Siren Song’ from ‘Two Suns’ with its bare bones production, the use of just Natasha Khan’s breathy vocal, piano and the occasional sounding of horns serving as the song’s sole instruments, only accentuate the song’s fragility.

With a chorus that includes the lines “You’re the train that crashed my heart” and an equally moving video where during its first 50 seconds Natasha speaks directly to us, the viewer, of her hurt,  still fresh, there may not be a more dark, fragile, tense or melancholic single released this year (and though ‘Angels’ by The xx single, released last week, is equally as fragile and equally as dark, there is a beauty and romance about it).

An enthralling, moving and captivating single. The album, ‘The Haunted Man’, is set for release on October 15, 2012.

Watch the video below: