Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone (single) (Kitsuné – Europe) (Glassnote – US)

Continuing on from the massive success of their 2010 album ‘Tourist History’, ‘Sleep Alone’ is the first single from the indie-pop band’s upcoming album ‘Beacon’.

‘Sleep Alone’ is a brilliant tune showcasing indie-pop at its most polished and refined. Slickly produced and featuring their trademark up-tempo, indie-disco beat pulsing throughout, in comparison to the Northern Ireland trio’s previous material however, ‘Sleep Alone’ is much darker and moodier both lyrically and musically than the trio’s ever-so fun “Tourist History”.

The verses recall The Boxer Rebellion on their most recent album (‘The Cold Still’) in terms of mood as well as vocal sound and melody. Meanwhile the song’s ridiculously catchy chorus oozes pop sugariness bringing to mind to The Killers or more specifically Brandon Flowers’ solo album.

The single elevates to new heights during its final 40 seconds; a section made up of screaming, delay-effected guitars and vocal chants combining to create a sound reminiscent to Editors track, ‘Bones’.

As is often the case with most band’s sophomore albums, ‘Sleep Alone’ indicates that the upcoming album will be a more mature affair with this track already proving to be more of a deeper emotional experience than their previous work.

‘Sleep Alone’ will be released on July 21 as a digital download and then as a 7″ single on September 3. The band’s album ‘Beacon’ will also be released on September 3.

Listen to ‘Sleep Alone’ below.