Bloc Party – Octopus (single) (Frenchkiss Records)

It has been four long years since we’ve had any new music from Bloc Party. During this time vocalist Kele Okereke released an alternative dance record (‘The Boxer’) and guitarist Russell Lissack toured and played guitar with the band ‘Ash’.

When the band announced in 2011 they had reunited as band and would begin work on a fourth album after having released three stunningly brilliant studio albums (“Silent Alarm”, “A Weekend In The City” and “Intimacy”), all expanding and developing from the previous, rumours begun circling that the band would be going back to their indie-rock roots and giving a nod to their debut album, ‘Silent Alarm’.

While the new album’s first single ‘Octopus’ doesn’t sound like ‘Silent Alarm’ (although it wouldn’t necessarily be out of place…), combined with the 2 or 3 new tracks the band have been performing live recently, it certainly seems to confirm that the band are indeed back to their indie-rock sound abandoning the synths and electronics from the last two albums all together.

“Octopus” is a fairly straight forward and direct song for Bloc Party centered around a simple riff with a clever delay effect and Russell’s trademark Telecaster sound. The instrumentation is kept to a minimum with just two guitars, bass and drums while vocalist Kele begins in falsetto for the verses before moving into that unmistakable voice of his for the chorus.

“Octopus” is an up tempo number that only truly reveals itself upon multiple listens; the chorus is understated but deceptively catchy and on closer inspection “Octopus” is actually more “pop” than one initially thinks.

The urgency and tension usually so present in Bloc Party’s music is missing from “Octopus” but particularly in the chorus there is a certain peculiarity lurking just beneath the surface.

What their forthcoming album (entitled ‘Four’) will reveal is still really anybody’s guess but that’s the very thing that fans love about Bloc Party. Captivated we all wait. Welcome back Bloc Party – we have missed you.

Watch the video for ‘Octopus’ below.