The Killers – Runaways (single) (Island/Universal)


Four years since their last studio album (“Day and Age”), “Runaways” is the first single from The Killers forthcoming album ‘Battle Born’ and well, it’s immediately recognizable as The Killers and a soon-to-be Killers classic.

That said, musically, vocally and thematically “Runaways” would have fit comfortably on vocalist Brandon Flowers’ solo record ‘Flamingo’ from 2010 but that shouldn’t be a surprise since the material written for that album was originally intended for the next Killers records.

With hints of ‘Lou Reed’,  ‘The Cars’ and perhaps the song’s strongest influence, ‘Rick Springfield’ (yes of “Jessie’s Girl” fame, which echoes in places throughout this song), “Runaways” is more akin to the band’s second album, “Sam’s Town” than their now indie classic debut “Hot Fuss”.

The stadium-rock guitars are high in the mix while the once prominent 80’s synths take more of a back seat. In fact, gone are the indie leanings from their debut and instead “Runways”  borders on ‘classic rock’ at times. No doubt the song will have its share of detractors; those “too cool” to listen to The Killers. But say what you will, what The Killers do, they do so well.

As always, Brandon Flowers’ lyrical storytelling is top notch, journeying the listener along for the ride.

“Runaways” has all the markings of a fan favourite in stadiums and on radio waves all over the world. A much welcome return from Nevada’s finest.

Update July 25 – the music video for ‘Runaways’ has been released today. Watch below: